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Hello my name is Alexandra Jenina founder of Badasbeauty ! I have a strong passion for making women feel beautiful💜 When I was 19 I weighed 300 pounds , I used to feel so hopeless I would never think I was beautiful so I change myself. I am 26 now a new woman and I am here to tell women that it is OK to be beautiful in your own skin. One of the many things that makes me feel beautiful is eyelashes. However Spending countless amounts of money on eyelashes that you have to throw away one time, always drove me crazy. I remember I would throw all of them away after one use some of them I wouldn’t even be able to put on my eye, that’s until I decided to engineer my own eyelashes!!! My eyelashes fit perfectly to the G spot of your eyes which was my goal! my eyelash collections RISQUÈE screams use me again ! With up to 10 wears these eyelashes are the new hot item 🔥 essentially my whole goal was to make women feel beautiful so I want women to know when they pop those eyelashes on that they are the best version of themselves RSIQUÈE & BADASBEAUTY 💜

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